Get the best Hashtags in seconds with A.I. technology

No more wasting your time with searching new Tags for Instagram or using outdated Tags.

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Auto Tags for Instagram

You can assign relevant tags to all your images in an automated fashion! We analyze them and suggest the tags they should be associated with.

  • Top Hashtags in seconds, just upload your picture
  • A.I. Technology
  • Auto Tags in multiple languages
  • One Auto-Tag per day free of charge

With this function you can search for a keyword or hashtag. You will get up to 30 Top Instagram hashtags that match this topic and you can copy these tags immediately.

  • Top Hashtags in seconds, just search for a topic
  • A.I. Technology
  • Pro version available
  • One Auto-Tag per day free of charge

You can also save your hashtags and create a customized library and save them for repeated use. You can use our App as a Instagram Hashtag-Manager.

  • Save unlimited Custom Tags
  • Create your own Hashtag Library
  • Mix your Custom Tags with the Auto Tag feature
  • Manage your Instagram Hashtags

Auto-Tagging A.I. Technology

Automatically assign tags to your images. Use our powerful API that makes your images findable on Instagram.

Auto Tags for Instagram
Auto Tags for Instagram


Why using hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags are used to categorize the posts, they create a dynamic interaction with users that aren't your followers, but are interested in the same matter as you.

How do I increase my visibility on Instagram

For example: If you use the hashtag #love in your posts, it will appear to anyone searching for #love, increasing your reach, and chances of likes and new followers.

Does these tips also work for private profiles?

No, because your posts aren't available to anyone who doesn't follow you, even using hashtags or adding location.

Why can't I use hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram doesn't allow more than 30 hashtags per post, make sure the sum of the hashtags in the caption and comments doesn't exceed this limit.

Are hashtags in English more relevant?

Yes, English is the most widely used language in the world.

Any other tips to increase my visibility on Instagram?

Yes, it's always good to add the location of your posts, they work the same way as hashtags. For example: If your post something with the location Rio de Janeiro. The post appear to anyone searching for Rio.

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Auto Tags for Instagram

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